About us

Riga Technical University Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, transport and aeronautics (RTU MTAF) Institute of Aeronautics (AERTI) is the biggest faculty in Latvia, which prepares specialists in aeronautics and the only state-funded higher education institution offering the opportunity to obtain higher education from Bachelors to a doctoral degree (EQF 6-8).

The Institute of Aeronautics prepares high-level specialists in aircraft maintenance as well as transport system engineering and is the only one in Latvia that offers doctoral studies with the opportunity to specialize in aviation transport or transport system engineering.

Due to the institute’s long history, over the years, the learning process has been enriched with a large number of visual aids, laboratory equipment, and stands. The institute has always carried out active scientific research activities, which in turn ensures a high scientific level of teachers and training courses. The institute closely cooperated with industry representatives, which ensures compliance of programs with market requirements and high professional training of students.

The Institute of Aeronautics consists of two departments:

  • Aeronautical Systems and aircraft operations department
  • Aircraft maintenance and design department

The institute operates:

  • Maintenance training organization
  • Scientific research laboratory for aerospace engineering testing
  • Aeronautics Research Center
  • Scientific Research Laboratory of non-destructive control methods