Exmatriculation of AERTI TAMO trainees is carried out according to the trainee’s desire and examination in cases of violation of the rules:

    • Any learner who has been caught cheating during a theory exam or has found materials related to the subject matter of the exam but not the exam papers and the related authorized documentation shall be prohibited from taking the exam for at least 12 months after the date of the incident. AERTI TAMO shall inform the Competent Authority of any such event within one calendar month.
    • So even learners should be aware that attending a full course of training and not attending classes can affect a negative Exam Result. To receive permission to take the exam, the learner must attend at least 90% of the classes planned in the calendar plan.
  • In the event of an examiner exceeding his/her authority, i.e. giving answers to a trainee during the theory test, the examiner shall be suspended from his/her duties and the test shall be deemed postponed. The Quality Manager shall inform the LV CAA of any such case within one calendar month.

Contact: aerti.tamo@rtu.lv