Latvian universities, including RTU, are increasingly involved in European and global scientific projects and research. By obtaining a Ph.D. and developing your teaching skills and abilities, as well as by developing and demonstrating yourself in RTU research, you will have ample opportunities to showcase your creative and intellectual abilities to the world. RTU has a well-developed network of international contacts as well as extensive laboratory facilities to facilitate your scientific development. The study program “Transport” is implemented in two MTAF institutes of Riga Technical University and consists of four specializations:

  • Air transport – realized realizednstitute of Aeronautics
  • Technical Support of Transport Systems – implemented at the Institute of Aeronautics
  • Road Transport and Transportation – carried out at the Institute of Transport
  • Railway Transport – carried out at the Institute of Transport

The doctoral study program includes theoretical subjects of a fundamental nature appropriate to the field of study and specialization subjects in the narrow field of scientific work, as well as subjects in the humanities and foreign languages.

The aim of the doctoral study program “Transport” is to train highly qualified scientists in the field of transport and traffic, specialists for pedagogical and scientific work, who have systematic, analytical, critical, and creative thinking and can solve tasks of scientific innovation.