By Article 66 of Commission Regulation (EC) no 2042/2003.Part 2. annexes (Part 66, Appendix II) the whole basic examination takes place using the multiple answer format (Test type) and essay type questions. Each question of the test type has three alternative answers, one of which is correct. The candidate is given 75 seconds to answer one question in each module. Each essay question requires the preparation of a written answer and the candidate has 20 minutes to answer each such question. Suitable essay-type questions are created and evaluated using this modular curriculum.

For each question, there is a Sample Answer, which also includes all known alternative answers that may apply to other subdivisions.

The mark for each examination module and sub-module in the test part shall be 75 %. The mark for each essay-type question is 75% in the sense that the candidate’s answer contains 75% of the required key points in the question and there are no material errors in respect of any of the required key points.

AERTI TAMO conducts retraining courses, but the learner is not required to attend these courses. If the trainee chooses to take the exam without attending the training courses again, the exam may be taken no earlier than 90 days after the failed attempt. If the learner chooses to take the exam after attending the training courses again, the exam may be taken 30 days after the failed attempt. The maximum number of attempts to pass exams in a row for each module is three. Three further attempts were allowed one year after the last failed attempt.

Contact: aerti.examinations@rtu.lv