History of the Aeronautical Institute

According to the decision of the RTU Senate from 2012. on 26. March was merged the Aviation Institute (AI) and Institute of Transport Technology (TTI), forming a new structural unit – the aeronautics institute (AERTI) as part of the Faculty of Transport and mechanical engineering.

Aviation Institute and Transport Technology Institute RTU was established in 1999 November. 2000 in April of the year, AI and TTI were included in the composition of the Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering (TMF). The institutes were established due to the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia (1999) on the reorganization of Riga Aviation University (RAU) and the inclusion of technical specialties in the programs of the Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering of Riga Technical University.

Soon after the creation of AI, was included in the Register of training institutions of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

In turn, RAU was founded in 1992 based on the Riga Institute of civil aviation engineers, which operated from 1919 year. During its existence, thousands of students graduated from the university, including students from more than 93 countries (India, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Kenya, Ecuador, Mexico, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Poland, etc.). Many of them have become heads of airlines, aviation companies, Air Transport institutions in many countries of the world. Some became famous airmen and cosmonauts. The high quality of studies allowed several graduates to successfully work in the aviation construction industry, aviation research organizations, and space centers of the world’s leading major powers.